This Week's Spotlights

DeKalb Corn
Choose the seed that works as hard as you do

Plant your DEKALB® success! Ensure exceptional maize performance and enhanced yield potential with DEKALB’s maize varieties.

Velum® Prime
Healthy harvests start from the roots

Get your potato crop off to a healthier start by controlling nematodes with Velum® Prime combined with appropriate crop protection solutions for enhanced yields.

Guardian Max
Control annual grasses in maize

Guardian Max is a reliable and versatile, residual herbicide for excellent pre-emergence control of annual grasses and certain broad leaf weeds in maize.

New Product Alert

Zantara® EC 216 is broad spectrum fungicide with protective and curative properties, for foliar application to control diseases in wheat .


Unseen and unknown challenge impacting root health

Nematodes are tiny eelworms, most times invisible tens of thousands of species, over half of which are plant parasitic, meaning they feed on plants and are mostly found in the soil.


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