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Round Ready® Maize 2

roundup ready maize 2

Technology for your benefit! Insect and weed control are two critical aspects of maize production. This is where DEKALB’s biotechnology can help to protect your maize, making life for you as a busy farmer just a little easier. Combine the benefits and plant a stack gene hybrid.

Our technology makes a difference! 

Roundup Ready® technology and systems offers:

Broad-Spectrum Weed Control

The Roundup Ready Maize 2 system provides unsurpassed weed control.

  • Early-season weed control is critical for early maize plant development and maximum genetic yield potential. Roundup Ready systems can provide that protection.  
  • Compare Roundup agricultural herbicides to other post-emergence herbicides. You'll find Roundup PowerMAX in the Roundup Ready Maize 2 system gives you broader, more consistent control on grasses and broadleaf weeds.
Start Clean, Stay Clean.™
  • Early-season weed control is critical to maximizing yield potential.
  • It reduces weeds to reduce the weed seed bank.
  • It gives you better flexibility for maximum weed control - pre- to late-post.
  • Timely applications and the appropriate rate of Roundup PowerMAX will give you unsurpassed broad-spectrum weed control. Because Roundup PowerMAX herbicide is so effective, it may be the only post-emergence product you need.
Convenience and Application Flexibility

The Roundup Ready Maize 2 system has built-in flexibility:

  • Simplifies your weed control programme and provides greater flexibility to manage around the weather.
  • Wider window of post-emergence herbicide application in the event of adverse weather conditions - up to eight-leaf stage. This weather safety factor puts you in control of your spray schedule.
  • Opportunity to control late annual weed flushes.
  • Increased ability to spray at the best possible time.
  • Roundup PowerMAX can provide consistent performance even when spray conditions are less than ideal.
Outstanding Crop Safety
The Roundup Ready Maize 2 system delivers proven crop safety - and peace of mind. Lowering your risk of crop injury can deliver more yield per hectare than conventional maize herbicide programmes.
  • Because Roundup agricultural herbicides are specifically designed for Roundup Ready Maize 2, you can rely on superior crop safety compared with other non-glyphosate, post-emergence herbicides.
  • The Roundup Ready Maize 2 system can reduce potential yield loss from crop injury.
  • Grower on-farm trials have shown that using Roundup agricultural herbicides with built-in crop safety on Roundup Ready Maize 2 can yield more yield per hectare than certain other conventional herbicide programmes (applied over the same Roundup Ready hybrid).

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