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About Us

Bayer: Science For A Better Life

Bayer is an innovation-driven company with a long tradition in research and development. We leverage our expertise to address global challenges and aim to improve people’s lives around the world. Our Bayer Group mission “Bayer: Science For A Better Life” is the foundation of what we strive to achieve within the agricultural sector. Our contribution to society is based on helping to ensure an ample supply of high-quality food, feed, fiber and renewable raw materials.

Enhancing world food security

The opportunities and challenges driving the global agricultural community are complex and daunting. A growing world population, changing dietary habits and volatile weather – to name just a few – are affecting agricultural production today and in the future. How can we increase productivity and achieve food security for what will be close to 10 billion people by 2050? How can we help plants thrive in changing climatic conditions? How can we best support the growers, from subsistence farmers to large-scale farming operations? And how can we assure that only high-quality and safe food reaches the consumer?

We at Bayer are committed to help tackle these challenges with our expertise in high value seeds, innovative chemical and biological crop protection solutions, and services for modern, sustainable agriculture. Our daily work – in the lab and on the ground – focuses on how we can help farmers across the globe overcome their challenges. With the “head of a scientist” and the “heart of a farmer” we bring innovative and inspiring solutions directly to our customers, along with reliable services and advice. And thus support food production where it begins: on the field.

At the same time we are passionate about the future of farming and want to make an important contribution. By driving a sustainable productivity increase, we aim to advance global food security. To this end, we have developed a holistic five-point-plan for a New Revolution in Agriculture.

Leading Innovation

Addressing some of the major challenges in modern agriculture requires fresh answers. A higher stress-tolerance of plants in face of increasing weather volatility will be as important as developing innovative solutions to control pests, plant diseases and weeds. Consequently, we invest about 10 percent of our annual sales in R&D, roughly 850 million Euros in 2012. Our aim as innovation leader in our industry is to develop first- and best-in-class solutions in seeds as well as chemical and biological crop protection. Fostering an environment of collaboration across different disciplines, cultures and markets, we cooperate with external partners. And we recognize the importance of local knowledge and strive to combine it with our global expertise.

Driving Partnerships

As a leading agricultural input provider, we appreciate that we have a unique vantage point at the heart of food production. Leveraging our expertise in Food Chain Partnerships across the entire value chain, we support improved food quality and safety in more than 30 countries. Our goal is to develop products that not only benefit consumers and larger-scale growers, but also help enhance the livelihoods of smallholder farmers and their communities. We are further engaged in international multi-stakeholder projects where we co-operate with industry partners, governments and non-governmental actors to help advance world food security.

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