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Roundup® PowerMAX

roundup powerMAX

Roundup® PowerMAX is a high load, freeflowing liquid which contains 540 g glyphosate (glycine) a.e/ℓ (contains 663 g potassium salt of glyphosate/ℓ). Roundup® PowerMAX guarantees crops’ safety and is used for post-emergence as a general spray over the top or directed on crops that contain the Roundup Ready® technology. Roundup® PowerMAX offers broad-spectrum weed control and contains Transorb™ technology for faster absorption and  translocation for faster uptake and symptoms.

Benefits of Roundup® PowerMAX?
  • Roundup® PowerMAX consists of a mixture of non-aggressive surfactants that is optimised for maximum leaf uptake without cuticle damage in shortest time.
  • Rainfast within one hour of spraying.
  • Superior performance in a wide range of weather conditions.
  • It holds additional benefits to the operator and ensures environmental safety.
  • Has extremely short cultivation intervals and improved results under challenging conditions (rainfast within 1-hour, hard water, dry, cold).
  • Low drift properties of Roundup® PowerMAX helps farmers comply with Best Practice (sustainable use directive/water framework directive).
  • Does not require added surfactant, even at low rates.
  • Carries a wide range of tank mixes for maximum flexibility.

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