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We are continuously working towards delivering products that make you as producer more productive and more profitable.

The GPS data are transmitted to the systems in the tractors that work the fields.
Die GPS-Daten werden in die Systeme auf die Traktoren übertragen, mit denen die Felder bearbeitet werden.

Finding the Right Combination For You

As a leading global provider of technology-based tools and agricultural products that improve farm productivity and food quality, we believe that it is important to deliver solutions that enable both smallholder and large-scale farmers to sustainably produce more with less. Plant biotechnology, genomics and breeding and crop protection play an important role in this regard. Apart from high yielding hybrid seed, we also offer weed control options that form the basis of integrated solutions with our other products such as seed treatments and traits. For more information, explore below:

BAYER 2020 Technical User Guide

Stacked Traits
Our Technology Makes a Difference

Insect and weed control are two critical aspect of maize production. Every DEKALB seed incorporates exclusive genetics, advanced breeding techniques, innovative trait integration and the potential for maximum yield performance. Our traits can benefit you by helping protect your crops against pests and weeds. 

YieldGard Maize 2
Rely On Succesful Insect Control

YieldGard® Maize 2 offers excellent control against Busseola fusca (African maize stalk borer) and Chilo partellus (the sorghum stalk borer or spotted maize stalk borer). Reap the benefits of YieldGard® Maize II technology!

Roundup Ready Maize 2
Rely on Succesful Weed Control

Successful weed control in Roundup Ready Maize 2 merely requires the perfect combination of the right products such as Roundup PowerMAX products - part and parcel of an unsurpassed weed control programme for maize.

Emerge Strong, Yield Strong

Acceleron – an exclusive seed treatment package – an advantage from day one. Don’t risk using generic protection on premium maize seeds. Acceleron Seed Applied Solutions offer the broadest spectrum of early season disease and pest protection.

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