Developing small-holder and emerging farmers one step at a time

As part of Bayer’s commitment towards developing smallholders and emerging farmers we are committed to partner with Journalists and Grain SA to share the success stories of the Beneficiaries of Grain SA’s Farmer Development program. Farmer study groups in the Winterton, Bergville, Kokstad, areas of KZN

Bayer understands that participating in the development of small-holder and emerging farmers will be the route out of poverty, unemployment and overcoming food scarcities and malnutrition. “We are proud to partner with Grain SA in this programme from the start.”

We are committed to creating solutions to these challenges while helping to take care of our planet, our people and the communities where we live and work. We are also committed to inclusive growth, enabling a successful and sustainable agricultural platform in South Africa and across the world, by first focusing on the basics, such as access to financing, increased investments in programmes to train emerging farmers on best practices, providing high-quality seeds and crop protection products to improve harvests while using water and other valuable resources more efficiently. We believe, as the private sector, that our responsibility does not end there. It’s about ensuring the long-standing success of our farmers, aiding the transition from emerging to commercial by bringing what modern agriculture has to offer in the latest technology and agricultural innovation.

Bayer has been pivotal in many development projects in South Africa - one of which is the Grain SA Farmer Development Programme. Since 2013 Bayer (legacy Monsanto) has been partnering with Grain South Africa in their farmer development programme in KZN, the Free State, Eastern Cape, Mpumalanga and the Eastern Cape.  

Bayer is proud to invest in the Farmer Development Programme of GSA, that aims to develop and support sustainable black farmers by providing mentors for practical support and on-site advice, training through study group meetings, demonstration trials, farmers’ days, a farmer of the year competition, individual on-farm support, training courses and a monthly newsletter. This programme is aimed at developing and supporting previously disadvantaged individuals who can qualify as ordinary or commercial farmers who have access to land. 

Whether planting for profit, sustenance or a bit of both, Bayer supports every farmer to use agriculture to improve their lives.    

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