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Climate Fieldview™ is a data-driven platform designed to analyse your farming needs, allowing you to better utilise inputs and natural resources. A subsidiary of Bayer, Climate Corporation is dedicated to help farmers to sustainably increase productivity with digital tools. Climate Fieldview™ enables the farmer to collect, store and analyse data on a single easy-to-use platform, Fieldview™ Plus. This leads to measurable improvements in productivity through the benefit of data-driven decision-making right throughout the planting season. The platform, which already boasts with thousands of international users and roughly 25 million hectares in farmland, has been launched in South Africa under the Climate Fieldview™ beta programme, offering many exciting opportunities to you as farmer.

Meeting you where you are … to take you further.

The platform has been designed with the utmost user-friendliness in mind, meaning that integration of the platform into your existing farming practices will be seamless.

  • Fieldview™ is the most connected platform in the industry, with connectivity between the platform and many agronomic software partners.
  • Data sharing is simple and allows farmers to choose between sharing an entire operation, one farm, or single fields.
  • Fieldview™ Drive is simple to install and compatible with 80% of equipment types.

Fieldview™ Plus will be the primary offer in South Africa, with which the following exciting data-management techniques can be applied.

  1. Collect all your data in one place
  2. Visualise and analyse your data
  3. Create prescriptions for next season
  4. Grow on-farm share by surfacing the performance of Bayer products.


Enter the farming world of tomorrow … talk to us today and get started with Climate Fieldview™.


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