Making every kernel count


With a growing world population, pressure is mounting to find a solution for one of the world’s biggest challenges – hunger. One of the solutions to this problem lies in the implementation of sustainable farming practices. But what does sustainable farming mean to you? To us it means growing more with less. Implementing strategies that secure the future of your farm for generations to come. Getting the most out of every kernel to ensure that you grow more than enough for your family and your business.

To maximise your yield potential and ensure exceptional crop performance Bayer is committed to continuously expanding our product range with cutting-edge solutions for your farm. That is why every one of our maize seeds is backed by world-class technology and years of research and development to ensure that you get the most out of every kernel.

This built-in technology unlocks a world of possibilities for your farm and ensures that one kernel per hole is enough. DEKALB® offers a wide range of top-performing white and yellow hybrids that are widely adapted for smallholder farmers across South Africa.

Insects and weeds are two of the most common causes of yield loss on farms across South African. Therefore, the control of these threats is extremely important to ensure that your crops receive the protection they need. In this regard, technology plays an important part in protecting your crops and making your life as a farmer a bit easier. For this reason, our stack gene hybrids contain the built-in benefits of both Roundup® Ready Maize 2 and YieldGard® Maize 2 technology to provide protection against weeds and insects. These DEKALB seeds also have the added benefits of Acceleron® for protection against various soil-borne insects and diseases. Our DEKALB seed bags are available in packages of 2 kg, 5 kg and 30 000 kernels for both yellow and white hybrids. With this wide range of DEKALB hybrids you can be assured that your harvest is in good hands and that only one kernel per hole is needed to increase your yield potential.

One of Bayer’s goals is building a society where there is health for all and hunger for none. We understand that to make this dream a reality, we must continuously develop solutions that meet the needs of a growing population. Our DEKALB seed is just one of the ways in which we are supporting you, so that you can support the nation. With our excellent maize genetics and the trusted advice from our Bayer experts, we’ll help you grow prosperity, one seed at a time.

Bayer Crop Science


Visit the Bayer website or contact your nearest Bayer representative today for advice on how to produce more with less this season.

The registration owner of DEKALB®, Roundup® Ready Maize 2, YieldGard® Maize 2 and Acceleron®, is Bayer AG, Germany.

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