The digital revolution in South African agriculture is here!

Precision agriculture has been a big talking point over the last few years, dominating conversations on how we can produce more with less resources as well as make more informed decisions to lower risk. In the quest to answer these questions, the role of digital tools becomes apparent. The need to utilise technology to analyse crop performance and make data-driven decisions has become a pivotal part of modern-day agriculture. 

As a subsidiary of Bayer, the Climate Corporation has made it their mission to create digital tools that will help agricultural producers increase their productivity and optimise yield. With the launch of the Climate FieldView™ app in South Africa on 26 February 2021, Bayer is excited to showcase the possibilities this platform holds for the agricultural industry in the country. This platform has already been launched internationally with thousands of producers analysing roughly 25 million hectares of farmland in total. 

One of the major challenges in agriculture is the fact that every farm and every field differs. To optimise crop potential in a specific field, requires customised inputs based on the data collected from your farm. With the user-friendly FieldView™ Plus platform, producers are now able to do exactly that – collect, store, and analyse data to make informed decisions regarding their farming operations. 

Bayer Crop Science Looking back at 2020

FieldView Plus, the primary offer in South Africa, will allow producers to collect their data in one place, visualise and analyse their data to make informed decisions for the next season as well as compare the data with four years historic data. This platform allows for the integration of digital maps and the visualisation of yield results. Furthermore, producers can build a customised plan for each field and access field health imagery and field region reports.

One of the key benefits of the Climate FieldView platform, is its ease of use as well as equipment compatibility across many brands. Producers will be able to integrate this platform with their current farming operations seamlessly.

With Climate FieldView we are placing the future of farming at your fingertips and taking your farming practice to new heights. Watch this space as we build up to the launch of this exciting platform which will take place in February.


Climate FieldView™FieldView™ Drive and FieldView™ Plus are registered trademarks of The Climate Corporation.

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