Implementing minimum or no-tillage systems allow for the direct planting of seed in crop residues - a practice that is gaining ground fast in South Africa. The availability of Roundup Ready® technology and maize makes it easier for producers to follow these conservation practices. The control of Roundup Ready® volunteer maize has, however, long been a tough nut to crack. Now there is a convenient solution!

Pantera® is a registered selective herbicide used to control volunteer maize in such systems. A further advantage is that Pantera®, together with Roundup® Turbo, can be used pre-plant in a tank mixture for the control of volunteer maize; and the good news is that the producer can plant maize as soon as five days after application.

Although Pantera® is mixed with Roundup® Turbo, Roundup® PowerMAX, Guardian S® and Silwet L-77®, it is essential to strictly follow all directions for use on the labels. The use of Roundup® Turbo and Pantera® is recommended in a pre-plant situation whereas a mixture of Roundup® PowerMAX and Pantera® is recommended for post-emergent spraying in Roundup Ready® soybeans. Pantera® should only be applied to young, actively growing weeds and volunteer maize under favourable and moist conditions. To ensure optimum results, it is essential that the weed or volunteer maize is completely covered with the spray solution. Pantera® can be applied with any accurately calibrated medium or high volume spray equipment, but it is essential for the spray equipment to have an effective agitating mechanism to promote good coverage and even distribution. The best results are obtained by using flat fan spray nozzles.  The purpose of the tank mixture is to control the maximum percentage of the volunteer maize with a single spray. Therefore, it is important to keep in mind that good rainfall is the point of departure. Adequate time should be allowed for the seed to germinate and the volunteer plants to reach the required size. Before spraying can take place, provision should be made for a period of approximately one month. Soil temperature plays an important role and germination takes about seven to 10 days. It is advisable to allow enough time before spraying so that the majority of the kernels can germinate in the soil. After application there is a reduced waiting period of five days (previously 10 days) before planting can take place. When Pantera® is mixed with Roundup® Turbo or Roundup® PowerMAX for the control of volunteer maize, it has to be applied at a minimum of 150 ℓ/ha clean water at 100 to 150 kPa. To ensure proper and even droplet distribution on the leaves of volunteer maize, it is recommended to add Silwet L-77® at a rate of 0,025%.

Roundup Ready® technology and systems offer:

  • Access to conservation tillage practices.
  • Broad-spectrum weed control:
    • Effective control of annual and perennial grasses and broad-leaf weeds.
    • Large seed weeds, such as thorn apple, are effectively controlled resulting in reduced costs and the elimination of unwanted seeds in the grain sample.
  • Proven crop safety:
    • No stress on the crop so that the plant can reach its full genetic potential.
  • Application flexibility:
    • Effective weed control from emergence to before harvest.
    • Weed size and not soil clay percentage, determines the herbicide rate and thus spraying only takes place when weeds are present. 
    • Crop rotation options can be accommodated fully.

Successful weed control in Roundup Ready® crop systems is determined by the combination of the right products. Roundup® PowerMAX puts you in control, but it is wise not to use Roundup® PowerMAX as a single product in Roundup Ready® systems.

Always read the product label.

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