Bayer partners with Cerealis


At Bayer, we are constantly working towards staying at the forefront of technology, to ensure that our farmers stay ahead of existing and potential threats and challenges. As Bayer’s digital farming arm, The Climate Corporation has made it their mission to create digital tools that will help the world’s farmers sustainably increase their productivity. To ensure that our farmers get expanded support to optimise their FieldView™ experience and access to appropriate equipment technology, Bayer and Climate FieldView South Africa have partnered with Cerealis Precision. Cerealis Precision is a key player in precision farming technologies and equipment and is therefore a well-suited partner for Climate FieldView™, through providing farmers with excellent innovations that can help them grow sustainably, optimise yields, and make informed decisions for future planting and harvesting seasons.


Who is Cerealis?

Cerealis Precision (Pty) Ltd. was established in 2007 as an importer and distributor of several leading agricultural technologies. The company has partnered with the foremost companies in the field of precision planting, application, nitrogen management and precision harvesting.

Cerealis Precision is invested in building the future of farming and wants to make the lives of their farmers as easy and comfortable as possible, regardless of the size of their productions. It is their goal to give their farmers full control over their production. To that end, they’ve developed hi-tech systems and services that help farmers connect with every step of their production.

Who is The Climate Corporation?

The Climate Corporation is a data company, whose belief is that the next breakthrough in agriculture will come from using data and analytics to optimise decision-making. From planting to harvesting, they help farmers to collect and integrate their machine-generated data all in one place, visualise and analyse crop performances to take more informed decisions and eventually build customised seeding and crop protection plans for each field. From plant to harvest, Climate FieldView™ helps farmers make informed decisions all year long.


For more information, please contact Jaco van Zyl, Climate and SeedGrowth Go-to-Market Lead, Bayer Africa at


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