Place profitability at the centre of your farming practice.

Combined solutions to optimise your yield

At Bayer, we know you are more than just a farmer... you are a businessman! We grasp the important role that profitability plays in your farming practice. Therefore, we are continuously developing combined solutions so that you can reap the benefits of our offering.  

Save R5/kg on Velum® GR and/or R100/liter on Decis® Forte when you purchase 50 DEKALB® seed bags containing 80 000 kernels each.

With this promotion, our farmers will be able to enjoy the advantages our combination of quality DEKALB seed and top-class crop protection solutions, hold.  

Bayer’s DEKALB seed is supported by cutting-edge technology and years of expertise to help you seed your success. Our DEKALB seed also provides the benefits of Acceleron® seed treatment which ensures optimised early-season plant population, uniformity, and vigour by protecting your maize seed against a variety of nematodes, insects and soil- and seed-borne diseases.

Velum GR, one of the crop protection products in this offering, is a granular nematicide for the control of various nematodes while Decis Forte is a contact and stomach insecticide formulated as an emulsifiable concentrate, for the control of various insect pests, including cutworm.

With Bayer’s combined offering, providing broadspectrum weed, pest and disease management, you can now look forward to optimised crop performance and increased profitability. Please note that this promotion is valid until 31 January 2022. For more information on this offer, please contact your DEKALB representative or Bayer Crop Protection agent.


Decis® Forte Reg. No. L6563 (Act No. 36 of 1947). Decis® Forte contains Deltamethrin (Harmful).

Velum® GR Reg. No. L10783 (Act No. 36 of 1947). Velum® GR contains Fluopyram (Caution). Only use products according to label recommendations.

Decis® Forte and Velum® GR are registered trademarks of Bayer AG, Germany. 

The registration owner of DEKALB® and Acceleron®, is Bayer AG, Germany.

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