Our Business

Passion to innovate, power to change.

At Bayer, we know that farming is not just a job, it’s a calling. We know the responsibility that comes with driving a sustainable and profitable farming practice and we grasp the various challenges producers are confronted with daily. We also understand that to turn today’s challenges into tomorrow’s breakthroughs, requires collaboration with a partner that backs you with innovative agricultural solutions and cutting-edge technology. For the last century, Bayer has proven to be that partner for agricultural producers across the planet and in South Africa. 

At Bayer Crop Science Southern Africa, we’re harnessing the spirit of innovation to shape what’s possible for South African farmers, consumers, and the planet – all in pursuit of our overarching objective: Health for all, hunger for none.

Bayer offers integrated solutions to producers by combining tested, high-yielding seed and gene technology with a wide range of crop protection products. These products and technologies are suited for both large- and small-scale farmers. Our products offer broad-spectrum disease, pest and weed control, easier crop management and timesaving technologies for maximising crop production and enhancing profitability.

With our DEKALB® trademark, we offer innovative solutions for our farmers to enhance productivity with top-performing maize hybrids, supported by technology and development. The genetic diversity of our hybrids forms the basis of our breeding programme and offers variety to our producers.

Lastly, Bayer also focuses on digital technology that opens doors for our farmers. Contemporary digital systems not only unlock opportunities for producers but also integrate seed and gene technology with the precise utilisation of crop protection products. Therefore, Bayer is dedicated to advancing technology like the FieldView™ platform, that helps farmers make data-driven decisions on their farm.

Our doors are always open, and we invite our producers to talk to us about our products and agricultural systems and to work in partnership with us to create solutions for the challenges on your farm.

Partner with us and experience the #BAYERbenefit on your farm …
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