Plant your DEKALB® success


In order to maximise your yield potential and to ensure exceptional crop performance, we are committed to continuously expanding our product range with cutting edge solutions for your farm.

Always by your side ...

As a maize farmer, you constantly face a variety of challenges that pose a threat to your crop performance and in effect, your profitability. We understand the importance of mitigating risks to ensure that you receive maximum return on your seed investment. That’s where the #DEKALBdifference comes in! With our full-package solution, we are by your side to help you grow more with less, master current and future challenges and optimise your farm’s profitability.

With this full-package solution, we focus on providing advanced genetics to boost your crop performance, seed treatment and crop protection options to help protect your seed investment and a partnership that will drive change on your farm.

At DEKALB®, we’ll help pave your way to success with our Triple Support Structure.

Optimise your yield potential with our comprehensive range of DEKALB® hybrids.
Our hybrids are tailored to your farm’s needs and offer built-in protection to protect your crops from insects, weeds and diseases.


Protect your hybrids from the start. Bayer’s product range contains a wide variety of solutions to offer optimal protection against insects, diseases and weeds.


Harness the power of data-driven decision-making with Bayer’s innovative digital platform, FieldView™.
Take your farming to new heights with real-time insights from planting to harvesting.

Let’s talk about how you can take your farming operation to the next level.
Experience the #DEKALBdifference ...
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