The FieldView™ Yield Kit unlocks precision farming for anyone


What if we told you that you can access an affordable yield mapping kit, 100% compatible with any harvester?

For many years, the term “precision farming” was synonymous with large-scale farmers. This has evidently broadened the gap between smaller-scale farmers and their access to digital solutions.

But, with FieldView’s Yield Kit, that is about to change!

With the ready-to-go Yield Kit, we are now offering a unique solution to help farmers across South Africa collect their crop yield data easily and affordably. With FieldView’s new Yield Kit, we aim to bridge the gap between large- and small-scale farmers, providing an affordable, accessible system that allows you to measure the results of your crops and agronomic practices, and dig into your field’s variability to turn it from an obstacle into a resource. One of the biggest challenges farmers face is extracting data from collected data. The storing and analysis of data in FieldView help farmers better understand field variability and the impact of different agronomic practices, including variable rate applications and zone management. This Yield Kit, in combination with the powerful options delivered by FieldView, can aid all farmers hoping to contribute to more sustainable agricultural practices.

Yield Kit

What is the Yield Kit?


The Yield Kit is a retrofitted yield mapping kit including a dual-frequency, multi-constellation GPS receiver, optical yield sensors, and a moisture sensor. It is fully compatible with the FieldView Drive. With yield and moisture sensors powered by FarmTRX, the ready-to-go mapping solution is suitable for any harvester. Combined with a reliable and precise GPS receiver – as well as direct compatibility with the FieldView Drive – the solution provides users with high-quality maps and harvest insights. In addition, end users will be able to install the kit on their own while supported by dedicated teams. 

How does it work?


The multi-constellation GPS receiver ensures improved and reliable signal, and the moisture and optical sensor can generate precise data on dry yield. Data is transferred via Bluetooth through the FieldView Drive to an iPad running the FieldView Cab App. In a few taps, while harvesting, growers can record yields by crop, field and farm, live matching previously recorded/added field data (planting, fertilisation, or spraying), saving time usually required for data entries. Off-site users can execute the remote view of the Cab App and monitor the harvesting. Data is Cloud-synchronised and immediately available for analysis at a farm, field, or zone level as well as ready to be converted into a planting, fertilising or spraying prescription in the most suitable format required by the monitor. 

Are you ready to spread your wings and experience the Yield Kit for yourself?

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