Maximise your productivity and profitability with FieldView™ 

What is FieldView?

is Bayer’s digital farming platform. Whether it’s picking the correct varieties for the following season, analysing the performance of different fungicide applications, or managing the harvest process, FieldView assists farmers in making accurate, data-based decisions.  

FieldView is powerful yet user-friendly and compatible across most equipment. It allows instant in-cab analysis and remote live metre-by-metre monitoring. Furthermore, it also easily includes past seasons’ data. In doing so, farmers can plan and analyse more accurately which, in turn, positively influences their productivity, profitability and performance.

Seamlessly gather data in one place to gain easy access. FieldView allows you to stream data directly from your equipment to quickly upload historical data and generate and share reports.

FieldView accepts historical data and adds four years of satellite images. This means all your history is saved in one place. Farmers are able to use this package on most devices and in various different ways – whether it’s for harvest management, variety trials or deciding on seed prescriptions for the following year. 

FieldView then builds on this, bringing key data from any current work including the latest trial results, spraying and crop reports almost instantly into the cab iPad in an easy, highly interactive system.

Apart from gaining insights to help you in making important decisions on the farm, the real-time aspect also saves a lot of effort and cuts the costs of your daily operations. 

FieldView means customised data in-cab and on any screen at every stage of the season from drilling to harvest. This means higher efficiency and less time wasted because you unlock the full power of your field data.

FieldView allows you to upload both current and historical data, so you can:

  • Analyse farm performance by field, variety, treatment, and soil type.
  • See full trial-plot yield data instantly without even stopping the harvester.
  • Compare maps side by side to better understand the causes of variability field by field and, if needed, metre by metre.
  • See scouting data in simple formats using colour-coding.
  • See metre-by-metre information to help with drilling prescriptions, weed control and harvest management.

FieldView allows you to make quick and confident decisions because huge amounts of data are transformed into clear insights on virtually any screen.   

Quickly and easily build a customised plan and manage variability with field-by-field prescriptions.  

With FieldView, you can make key decisions backed by numbers and an overall effective farm strategy that’s truly designed to maximise every field.

Asked about FieldView, Hugo le Roux, Digital Activation Manager and Key Accounts at FieldView South Africa said: “FieldView provides a holistic approach to data management, and farmers can now capitalise on all the investments made with one easy-to-use platform which will help them not only save money but also make important operational decisions based on data.”

A complete package

Regardless of the size of your operation, FieldView provide a cost-effective, easy-to-use digital farming package that can be used year-round in every stage of the season.

As South African farmer Japie Breedt puts it: “FieldView completely changed my farming operation. This platform allows me to make better decisions for my farm because I have real-time data.”

Sign up for a free trial

With FieldView™ we help farmers simplify their operations, improve profitability, manage risk, and address variability, as well as farm more efficiently and sustainably. This platform provides powerful and easy-to-use tools to collect and analyse data. As a result, farmers have tangible data to drive decisions which improves cost savings and profitability. FieldView makes use of all your history to build a field-by-field, metre-by-metre prescription for the next season. 

FieldView Discover – One-year free trial

With FieldView Discover, we would like to offer our loyal clients the opportunity to test our product with a one-year free subscription.

You can request a promotional code by contacting your nearest DEKALB sales representative. Click here to get started.

If you’ve signed up for the trial, congratulations! As a reminder, here’s how to get started and get local support.

Create an account

  1. In your Chrome browser, navigate to
  2. Click on “Create account” (top right of the page).
  3. Enter your details in the required fields and accept the EULA and Privacy policy.
  4. Click on “Create account”.
  5. You will be prompted to validate your email address. Follow the link in the email sent to you and enter your username and password when requested.

Log into your account:

  1. In your Chrome browser, navigate to
  2. Click on “Login” (top right of the page).
  3. Enter your username (email address).
  4. Enter your password.
  5. Click on “Login”.
  6. For the FieldView app and FieldView Cab app you can use the same username (email) and password.

More detailed help can be found here:

Hugo Le Roux  

Digital Activation Manager & Key Accounts

082 786 5166


Tiaan Venter

Northern region

Digital Activation Specialist

076 874 7021


Ryno Terblanche

Central region

Digital Activation Specialist

082 610 5369


Abi Helberg

Eastern region

Digital Activation Specialist

066 259 3284


Brazer Erasmus

Western region

Digital Activation Specialist

076 425 0669


Hanri de Jonge

Client Service Specialist

082 563 6296


Ryno Alberts

Digital Activation Specialist – Southern Region

060 979 0157

What do our farmers have to say?

For more information, watch some of our useful FieldView videos, here .

Watch step-by-step tutorial videos from the FieldView Academy , that will help you grasp all aspects of the FieldView platform.

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